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Repossession and the democratization of credit

The Review of Financial Studies v. 27 n. 9 p. 2661-2689 2014

Efraim Benmelech, Juliano Junqueira Assunção, Fernando Setubal Souza e Silva.


Do public banks compete with private banks? Evidence from concentrated loan markets in Brazil?

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking v. 45 n. 8 p. 1581–1615 2013

Christiano Arrigoni Coelho, João Manoel Pinho de Mello, Leonardo Bandeira Rezende.


A Note on Slavery and the Roots of Inequality

Journal of Comparative Economics v. 40 n. 4 p. 565-580 2012

Rodrigo Reis Soares, Juliano Junqueira Assunção, Tomás Fonseca Goulart.


Brazil: The resilience of the Brazilian Insurance Market

World Insurance: The Evoluation of a Global Risk Network. 2012

Marcelo de Paiva Abreu, Felipe Tâmega Fernandes.

Coming out of the shadows ? Estimating the impact of bureaucracy simplification and tax cut on formality in Brazilian microenterprises

Journal of Development Economics v. 99 n. 1 p. 105-115 2012

Juliano Junqueira Assunção, Joana da Costa Martins Monteiro.


Asymmetry and long memory in volatility modelling

Journal of Financial Econometrics v. 10 n. 3 p. 495-512 2012

Manabu Asai, Michael McAleer, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros.


Corrupting learning: Evidence from missing federal education funds in Brazil

Journal of Public Economics v. 96 n. 9-10 p. 712-726 2012

Claudio Ferraz, Diana Seixas Bello Moreira, Frederico Finan.


Institutional development and colonial heritage within Brazil

Journal of Economic History v. 72 n. 2 p. 393-422 2012

Joana Naritomi, Rodrigo Reis Soares, Juliano Junqueira Assunção.


Mandatory dividend rules: Do they make it harder for firms to invest?

Journal of Corporate Finance v. 18 n. 4 p. 953–967 2012

Walter Novaes Filho, Theo Cotrim Martins.


Bye, Bye Financial Repression, Hello Financial Deepening: The Anatomy of a Financial Boom

The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance v. 52 p. 135-153 2012

João Manoel Pinho de Mello, Márcio Gomes Pinto Garcia.


Policy Initiatives in the Global Recession: What Did Forecasters Expect?

Current Issues in Economics and Finance v. 18 n. 2 2012

Stefano Eusepi, Christian Grisse, Carlos Viana de Carvalho.


Household choices of child labor and schooling: a simple model with application to Brazil

Journal of Human Resources v. 47 n. 1 p. 1-31 2012

D. Krueger, M. Berthelon, Rodrigo Reis Soares.


Linear Programming-Based Estimators in Simple Linear Regression

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Optimal self-employment income tax enforcement

Journal of Public Economics v. 95 n. 9-10 p. 1021-1035 2011

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Moment Based Estimation of Smooth Transition Regression Models with Endogenous Variables

Journal of Econometrics n. 165 p. 100-111 2011

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The Persistent Effects of a False News Shock

Journal of Empirical Finance v. 18 p. 597-615 2011

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Forecasting Realized Volatility with Linear and Nonlinear Models

Journal of Economic Surveys v. 25 n. 1 p. 6-18 2011

Michael McAller, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros.


Aggregation and the PPP Puzzle in a Sticky-Price Model

American Economic Review v. 101 n. 6 p. 2391-2424 2011

Carlos Viana de Carvalho, Fernanda Feitosa Nechio.