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A Sticky-Dispersed Information Phillips Curve: A Model with Partial and Delayed Information (a sair)

Macroeconomic Dynamics 2018

Vinicius Nascimento Carrasco, Waldyr Dutra Areosa, Marta Baltar Moreira Areosa.

Optimal Selling Mechanisms Under Moment Conditions ( a sair)

Journal of Economic Theory 2018

Vinicius Nascimento Carrasco, Humberto Moreira, Paulo Klinger Monteiro, Vitor Luz, Nenda Kos.

Mid-auction information acquisition

Economic Theory V 65, N 3, P 751–780, 2018

Leonardo Bandeira Rezende.

Approximating multisector New Keynesian models

Economics Letters V 163, P 193-196, 2018

Carlos Viana de Carvalho, Fernanda Feitosa Nechio.

Bank privatization and market structure in Brazil: a dynamic structural analysis (a sair)

Rand Journal of Economics 2018

Fábio Miessi Sanches, Daniel Silva Junior, Sorawoot Srisuma.

Robust mechanism design: the curvature case

Economic Theory 2018

Vitor Farinha Luz, Vinicius Nascimento Carrasco, Humberto Moreira, Paulo Klinger Monteiro.

Risk sharing contracts with private information and one-sided commitment (a sair)

Economic Theory 2018

Eduardo Zilberman, Vinicius Nascimento Carrasco, Pedro Hemsley.

Os efeitos da incerteza sobre a atividade econômica no Brasil (a sair)

Revista Brasileira de Economia 2018

Ricardo de Menezes Barboza, Eduardo Zilberman.


The role of social networks in cultural assimilation

Journal of Urban Economics V 97, P 15-39, 2017

Thierry Verdier, Yves Zenou.

Joint analysis of the discount factor and payoff parameters in dynamic discrete choice models (a sair)

Quantitative Economics 2017

Tatiana Komarova, Sorawoot Srisuma, Fábio Miessi Sanches, Daniel Silva Junior.

Econometrics of Ascending Auctions by Quantile Regression

The Review of Economics and Statistics V 99, N 5, P 944-953, 2017

Nathalie Gimenes Sanches.

Heterogeneous Sticky-Information Economies

Brazilian Review of Econometrics V 37, N 2, P 123-152, 2017

Carlos Viana de Carvalho.

Economic shocks and crime: evidence from the Brazilian Trade liberalization (a sair)

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2017

Gabriel Ulyssea, Rafael Dix-Carneiro, Rodrigo Reis Soares.

Asymmetric growth and institutions in an independent world

Journal of Political Economy V 125, P 1245-1306, 2017

Daron Acemoglu, J. Robinson, Thierry Verdier.

Inequality redistribution and cultural integration in the welfare state

European Journal of Political Economy V 50, P 122-140, 2017

A. Bisin, Thierry Verdier.

Paternalism, homophily, and cultural transmission in random netwoks

Games and economic behavior V 105, N 155-176, 2017

F. Panebianco, Thierry Verdier.

Centralized decision making against informed lobbying

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics V 9, N 4, P 324-355, 2017

R Costa Lima, Thierry Verdier, Humberto Moreira.

Human Capital Persistence and Development

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics V 9, N 4, P 105-136, 2017

Rudi Rocha, Claudio Ferraz, Rodrigo Reis Soares.

Modeling and forecasting of large realized covariance matrices and portfolio choice

Journal of Applied Econometrics V 32, N 1, P 140-158, 2017

Anders Kock, Laurent Callot, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros.

Do Government Audits Reduce Corruption? Estimating the Impacts of Exposing Corrupt Politicians (a sair)

Journal of Political Economy 2017

Eric Avis, Claudio Ferraz, Frederico Finan.

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