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Minimum distance estimation of search costs using price distribution (a sair)

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 2017

Fábio Miessi Sanches, Daniel Silva Junior, Sorawoot Srisuma.

Econometrics of Ascending Auctions by Quantile Regression (a sair)

The Review of Economics and Statistics 2017

Nathalie Gimenes Sanches.

Interest rates in trade credit markets

Journal of Money Credit and Banking V 49, N 1, P 75-113, 2017

Klênio de Souza Barbosa, Walter Novaes Filho, Humberto Moreira.

Property-Level Assessment of Change in Forest Clearing Patterns: The Need for Tailoring Policy in the Amazon (a sair)

Land Use Policy 2017

Juliano Junqueira Assunção, Clarissa Costalonga e Gandour, Pedro Martins Pessoa, Romero Cavalcanti Barreto da Rocha.

Britain as a debtor: Indian sterling balances, 1940-1953

The Economic History Review V 70, N 2, P 586–604, 2017

Marcelo de Paiva Abreu.

Mid-auction information acquisition

Economic Theory 2017

Leonardo Bandeira Rezende.

Real-Time Inflation Forecasting with High-Dimensional Models: The Case of Brazil

International Journal of Forecasting V 33, N 3, P 679–693, 2017

Gabriel Vasconcelos, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros, Márcio Gomes Pinto Garcia , Gabriel Srour.


Climate Change and Agricultural Productivity in Brazil: Future perspectives

Environment and Development Economics V 21, N 5, P 581-602, 2016

Flavia Chein, Juliano Junqueira Assunção.

Forecasting Macroeconomic Variables in Data-Rich Environments

Economics Letters V 138, P 50–52, 2016

Gabriel Vasconcelos, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros.

Audits or distortions : the optimal scheme to enforce self employment income

Journal of Public Economic Theory V 18, N 4, P 511-544, 2016

Eduardo Zilberman.

A (semi-)parametric functional coefficient logarithmic autoregressive conditional duration model

Econometric Reviews V 35, N 7, P 1221-1250 , 2016

Marcelo Fernandes, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros, Álvaro Veiga.

Forecasting Brazilian inflation with High-Dimensional Models

Brazilian Review of Econometrics V 36, N 2, P 223-254, 2016

Gabriel Vasconcelos, Eduardo H. de Freitas, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros.

How does Emigration affect Labor Markets? Evidence from Road Construction in Brazil

Brazilian Review of Econometrics V 36, N 2, P 157-185, 2016

Flavia Chein, Juliano Junqueira Assunção.

The high frequency impact of macroeconomic announcements in the Brazilian futures markets

Brazilian Review of Econometrics V 36, N 2, P 185-222, 2016

Marcelo Cunha Medeiros, Márcio Gomes Pinto Garcia , Francisco Eduardo de Luna e Almeida Santos.

ℓ1-regularization of high-dimensional time-series models with non-Gaussian and heteroskedastic errors

The Journal of Econometrics V 191, N 1, P 255-271, 2016

Marcelo Cunha Medeiros, Eduardo F. Mendes.

Capital controls in Brazil: effective?

Journal of International Money and Finance V 61, P 163-187, 2016

Marcos Chamon, Márcio Gomes Pinto Garcia .

Nonlinearity, Breaks, and Long-Range Dependence in Time-Series Models

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics V 34, N 1, P 23-41, 2016

Eric Hillebrand, Marcelo Cunha Medeiros.

What if Brazil Hadn't Floated the Real in 1999?

Brazilian Review of Econometrics V 35, N 2, 2015

Carlos Viana de Carvalho, André Dornfeld Vilela .

Demographics and Real Interest Rates: Inspecting the Mechanism

European Economic Review V 88, P 208+226, 2016

Carlos Viana de Carvalho, Fernanda Feitosa Nechio, Andrea Ferrero.

When (and How) to Favor Incumbents in Optimal Dynamic Procurement Auctions

Journal of Mathematical Economics V 62, P 52-61, 2016

Paulo Orenstein, Vinicius Nascimento Carrasco, Pablo Hector Seuanez Salgado.

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