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Social demand functions in general equilibrium

TD n. 609, 29/05/2013

Yves Balasko.

Informal Labor and the Cost of Social Programs: Evidence from 15 Years of Unemployment Insurance in Brazil

TD n. 608, 27/05/2013

François Gerard, Gustavo Gonzaga.

Evaluating a National Anti-Firearm Law and Estimating the Causal Effect of Guns on Crime

TD n. 607, 15/03/2013

João Manoel Pinho de Mello, Daniel Ricardo de Castro Cerqueira.

Capital controls in Brazil: Effective?

TD n. 606, 31/01/2013

Marcos Chamon, Márcio Garcia.

Living on the Edge: Youth Entry, Career and Exit in Drug-Selling Gangs

TD n. 605, 01/01/2013

Rodrigo Reis Soares, Leandro Siqueira Carvalho.

Let´s do it again: bagging equity premium predictors

TD n. 604, 01/10/2012

Eric Hillebrand, Tae-Hwy Lee , Marcelo Medeiros.

Abertura, competitividade e desoneração fiscal

TD n. 603, 01/09/2012

Rogério Werneck.

Estimating High-Dimensional Time Series Models

TD n. 602, 07/08/2012

Marcelo Medeiros, Eduardo F. Mendes.

Water Scarcity and Birth Outcomes in the Brazilian Semiarid

TD n. 601, 01/07/2012

Rudi Rocha, Rodrigo Reis Soares.

The Welfare Cost of Homicides in Brazil: Accounting for Heterogeneity in the Willingness to Pay for Mortality Reductions

TD n. 600, 01/06/2012

Daniel Ricardo de Castro Cerqueira, Rodrigo Reis Soares.

Spillovers from Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Bolsa Família and Crime in Urban Brazil

TD n. 599, 01/02/2012

Laura Chioda, João Manoel Pinho de Mello, Rodrigo Reis Soares.

Targeting the Poor: A Macroeconomic Analysis of Cash Transfer Programs

TD n. 598, 13/12/2011

Eduardo Zilberman, Tiago Couto Berriel.

"Palatable Foreign Control": British money doctors and central banking in South America, 1924-1935

TD n. 597, 01/10/2011

Pedro Carvalho Loureiro de Souza, Marcelo de Paiva Abreu.

A “blank cheque”? Portuguese World War II sterling balances, 1940-1973

TD n. 596, 01/10/2011

Marcelo de Paiva Abreu.

Bye, Bye Financial Repression, Hello Financial Deepening: The Anatomy of a Financial Boom

TD n. 594, 01/10/2011

João Manoel Pinho de Mello, Márcio Garcia.

A gerência recente do endividamento público brasileiro

TD n. 595, 01/10/2011

Márcio Garcia, Pedro Maia da Cunha.

Access to justice and entrepreneurship: evidence from Brazil’s Special Civil Tribunals

TD n. 591, 01/08/2011

Guilherme Finkelfarb Lichand, Rodrigo Reis Soares.

The use of violence in illegal markets: evidence from mahogany trade in the Brazilian Amazon

TD n. 592, 01/08/2011

Ariaster B. Chimeli, Rodrigo Reis Soares.

Unemployment Insurance in Developing Countries: The Case of Brazil

TD n. 593, 01/08/2011

François Gerard, Gustavo Gonzaga.

Audits or Distortions: The Optimal Scheme to Enforce Self-Employment Income Taxes

TD n. 590, 01/07/2011

Eduardo Zilberman.

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