MA Alumni admitted to
PhD programs abroad

Since 1981, when the first MA dissertation was defended in the Department, 232 MA alumni – about 44 percent of those who completed the program over the period – were admitted to top PhD programs abroad. The outstanding performance of our MA alumni in those programs has contributed to consolidate the Department’s reputation as a center of excellency. Over the last five years, 47 students – 70 percent of those who completed their MA program from 2020 to 2024 - have been admitted to PhD programs abroad.

The following list speaks for itself. Alumni are sorted by year of admission to PhD programs. Those marked with an asterisk were granted scholarships from the institutions to which they were admitted.

Nr. of students admitted
Princeton University
University of California, Berkeley
Stanford University
London School of Economics
University of Chicago
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - M.I.T.
Harvard University
New York University
Yale University
University of California, Los Angeles
Northwestern University
University of Minnesota
University of Pennsylvania
University of British Columbia
University of Wisconsin
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Paris School of Economics
University of Maryland
University of California, San Diego
Toulouse School of Economics
Oxford University
Columbia University
Duke University
Cambridge University
Cornell University
Boston University
Brown University
Universitat Pompeo Fabra

    Bernardo Duque, Brown University*
    Bruno Daré, Stanford University*
    Carlos Alberto Belchior, Stanford University*
    Guilherme Luz, UCLA, Anderson School of Management*
    Karolina Staniczek Andrade, Yale University*
    Marina Perrupato Mendonça, UC San Diego*
    Matheus Franciscão, Princeton University*
    Natália Corado, University of Chicago, Chicago Booth School of Business*
    Rafael Lincoln Pereira Mattos, New York University*
    Davi Prado Novais Moura, London School of Economics*
    Eduardo Fagundes de Carvalho, Universitat Pompeu Fabra*
    Gabriel Gonçalves dos Santos, Universitat Pompeu Fabra*
    Guilherme Noronha Jardim, Yale University*
    Henrique Rodrigues da Mota, University of Chicago*
    Lucas Maneschy Ferreira, University of Minnesota*
    Maria Mittelbach Santos, Boston University*
    Rafael Lima da Fonseca, University of Minnesota*
    Thomás Gleizer Feibert, New York University*
    Vitor Henrique von Ungern-Sternberg, Northwestern University*

    Alison Farias, University of Southern California*
    André Alcântara Pereira, Princeton University*
    Daniel Coutinho, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill*
    Jonas Gouveia Maia, University of Minnesota*
    Lia Kale, University of British Columbia*
    Manuela Mesquita de Magalhães, Stanford University*
    Maria Oaquim, Princeton University*
    Pedro Braga Soares, Northwestern University*
    Rafael Alves, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business*
    Robert Pablo Urbina, UCLA*
    Victor Matta, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management*
    Wallace de Jesus Inocencio, London School of Economics*

    Arthur Bouchardet, Brown University*
    Arthur Carvalho Brito, Duke University*
    Beatriz Ribeiro, London School of Economics*
    Davi Doneda, University of Wisconsin-Madison*
    Eduardo Leitner, UC San Diego*
    Lisa Beihy Pacheco, London School of Economics*
    Luiz Guilherme Carpizo, Stanford University*
    Mateus Morais, London School of Economics*

    Alex Avelino Carrasco Martinez, MIT*
    Bernardo Barboza Ribeiro, University of British Columbia*
    Carlos Henrique Gomes de Brito, UC Davis*
    Gabriel Anesi S. Granato Ferreira, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business*
    Luiza Kunz Aires, London School of Economics*
    Marcus Vinícius F. G. de Castro, London School of Economics*
    Roberta Souza Costa Olivieri, Cornell University*
    Roberto Simonelli Lee, Yale University*

    Júlio Alencastro Mereb – University of Wisconsin-Madison*
    Leandro de Miranda Gomes – Yale School of Management*
    Marcelo Moura Jardim Teixeira Sena – Stanford University*
    Caterina Soto Vieira – London School of Economics*
    Cézar Augusto Mendonça Zambrano – New York University*
    Marcela Carvalho Ferreira de Mello – Harvard Business School*
    Matheus Almeida Dalalana D’Amico – University of Rochester Finance*
    Pedro Kenzo de Alencar Ohi – Northwestern University*
    Roberta Beck Tabajara – Columbia University*

    Lucas Ferreira Mation – University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy Studies*
    Roberto Hsu Rocha – University of California, Berkeley*
    Fernando Martins Secco Luci – University of British Columbia*
    Alvaro Cox Lescano – Yale University*
    Bernardo Carvalho Ribeiro – Yale University*
    Guilherme Neves Silveira – Boston University*
    Rodolfo Dinis Rigato – Harvard University*

    Felipe Ruiz Mazin – University of Pennsylvania
    Bianca Ravani Cecato – University of British Columbia*
    Gustavo Tovar Albuquerque – University of British Columbia*
    André Sztutman – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)*
    Matheus de Barros Santa Lucci e Silva – New York University*
    Ana Beatriz Pousada – Stanford University*
    Marina Villas Boas Dias – University of California, Berkeley*
    Marcos Kiehl Sonnervig – New York University*
    Pedro Martins Pessoa – University of British Columbia*

    Pedro Bessone Tepedino – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)*
    Tomas Guanzirolli – U.C.L.A.*
    Carlos Antonio Burga Idrogo – Princeton University*
    Thiago de Gouvêa Scot de Arruda – University of California, Berkeley (Haas)*
    Vinicius de Oliveira Botelho – University of Minnesota*

    Pedro Tanure Veloso – University of Minnesota*
    Vitoria Rabello de Castro – University of Minnesota*
    Cauê de Castro Dobbin – Stanford University*
    Carlos Eduardo Sant'Anna Varjão – Stanford GSB (Political Economics)*
    Josue Cox Lescano – New York University*
    Tiago Tavares Flórido – Harvard Business School (Business Economics)*
    Ricardo Dahis – Northwestern University*

    Eduardo Pinheiro Fraga – Yale*
    Felipe Alduino Alves – NYU Stern*
    Gustavo Passareli Giroud Joaquim – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)*
    Murilo Ramos Rodrigues de Paula – University of California, Berkeley*

    Daniel Haanwinckel Junqueira – University of California, Berkeley*
    Caio Waisman – Stanford University*
    Daniel Veloso – University of Wisconsin, Madison*

    Gabriel Buchbinder – Princeton University*
    Juan Rios Rivera – Stanford University*
    Pavel Coronado – University of Maryland*

    Rodrigo Rodrigues Adão – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)*
    Michel Dummar Azulai – London School of Economics*
    Breno de Castro Vieira – Stanford Graduate School of Business (Economics)*
    Diana Moreira – Harvard Business School*
    Guilherme Lichand – Harvard University, Political Economy and Government*

    Samer Shousha – Columbia University*
    Bernard Herskovic – New York University*
    Tiago de Brito Caruso – University of California, Los Angeles*

    Bruno Ottoni – University of Maryland*
    Gabriel Buchmann – University of California, Los Angeles*
    Vitor Azevedo Pereira – University of Maryland*
    Johann Burnett – Yale University*
    João Paulo Cordeiro de N. Pessoa – London School of Economics*
    Tarso Mori Madeira – University of California, Berkeley*
    Pedro Franco de Campos Pinto – London School of Economics
    Pedro Carvalho L. de Souza – London School of Economics

    Joana Naritomi – Harvard University*
    Vivian Figer – New York University*
    Thiago Revil Teixeira Ferreira – Northwestern University
    Diogo Faria Domingues Palhares – University of Chicago*
    Breno Gomide Braga – University of Michigan*
    Diogo Abry Guillen – Princeton University*
    Juliana Terreiro Salomão – Stanford University*
    Fabrício Ribeiro Rodrigues D'Almeida – University of Illinois*

    Gabriel Lopes Ulyssea – University of Chicago
    Bernardo Santos da Silveira – New York University*
    Marcel Scharth Figueiredo Pinto – Tinbergen Institute*
    Edson Roberto Severnini – University of California, Berkeley*
    Antonio Carlos de Azevedo Sodré – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)*
    Nelson Camanho da Costa Neto – London School of Economics*

    Bruno Ferman – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)*
    Eduardo Zilberman – New York University*
    Ricardo Fibe Gambirasio – Princeton University*
    Alan Seixas Bello Moreira – University of Chicago*

    Felipe Tamega Fernandes – London School of Economics
    Klênio de Souza Barbosa – Université de Toulouse
    Cecilia Caraciki Muruci Machado – Columbia University*
    Renato Dias de Brito Gomes – Northwestern University*
    Tiago Couto Berriel – Princeton University*
    Daniel Ferreira Lima – University of California, San Diego

    Daniel Ribeiro de Souza Carvalho – Harvard University*
    Fernanda Feitosa Nechio – Princeton University*
    Silvia Helena Barcellos – Princeton University*
    Leandro Siqueira Carvalho – Princeton University*
    Juliana Dutra Pessoa Araújo – University of Maryland*
    Renata Del Tedesco Narita – University College London
    Gabriela Bertol – London School of Economics*

    Priscilla Yung Medeiros – Northwestern University*
    Anna Risi Vianna Crespo – Princeton University*
    Roberto Benjamim Pinheiro – University of Pennsylvania*
    Cristine Campos de Xavier Pinto – University of California, Berkeley

    Carlos Viana de Carvalho – Princeton University*
    Paulo Guilherme Moreira Mello Filho – University of California, Los Angeles
    Daniel Santos – University of Chicago
    Pedro Garcia Duarte – Duke University
    Filipe Robin Campante – Harvard University*

    Felipe Monteiro de Salles – London School of Economics
    Pedro Calhman de Miranda – Stanford University*
    Thomas Yen Hon Wu – Princeton University*
    Maria José Salgado – Northwestern University

    Vinícius do Nascimento Carrasco – Stanford University*
    Luiz Fernando Rangel – Université de Toulouse
    Marcelo Ferreira Motta Rezende – University of Chicago
    Áureo Nilo de Paula Neto – Princeton University*
    Rodrigo Paiva Guimarães – Princeton University*

    Alexandre Soriano de Alencar – University of California, Los Angeles
    Sérgio Pinheiro Firpo – University of California, Berkeley
    Marcos de Almeida Rangel – University of California, Los Angeles
    José Gustavo Féres – Université de Toulouse
    Marcelo Albuquerque Pinheiro – Princeton University*
    João Manoel Pinho de Mello – Stanford University*

    Pedro Jobim Alves Ferreira – University of Chicago
    Patricia Oberlaender Pierrotti – University of Chicago
    Fernanda Torós – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Joana Bentes Meyer – Stanford University*
    Rodrigo Mendes Pereira – Cornell University

    Rodrigo Reis Soares – University of Chicago
    Bernardo Soares Blum – University of California, Los Angeles
    Alexandre de Medeiros e Albuquerque Barcinski – University of Chicago
    Leonardo Bandeira Rezende – Stanford University*
    Luis Fernando Oliveira de Araújo – University of Pennsylvania
    Emanuel Augusto Rodrigues Ornelas – University of Wisconsin

    Gastão de Souza Mello Valente – Université de Montréal
    Monica Tavares Pinto Baumgarten – London School of Economics
    Marcelo Jovita Moreira – University of California, Berkeley
    Daniel Bernardo Soares Ferreira – University of Chicago
    Luiz Eduardo Miranda Cruz – University of California, Berkeley

    Heitor Vieira de Almeida Netto – University of Chicago
    Marcelo de Albuquerque Mello – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Sérgio Guimarães Ferreira – University of Wisconsin
    Eduardo Henrique de Mello Motta Loyo – Princeton University
    Arilton Carlos Campanharo Teixeira – University of Minnesota

    André Arruda Villela – London School of Economics
    Fernando Augusto Adeodato Velloso – University of Chicago
    Marcos Antonio Coutinho da Silveira – Harvard University
    Luis Fernando Cerqueira Fonseca – McGill University

    Mário Magalhães Mesquita – Oxford University
    Eduardo de Carvalho Andrade – University of Chicago
    Eduardo Pedral Sampaio Fiuza – Yale University

    José Carlos dos Reis Carvalho – Yale University
    Ilan Goldfajn – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
    Nilson Teixeira – University of Pennsylvania
    Luciana Bezerra Oliveira – Harvard University
    Nilton Deodoro Moreira Cardoso Jr. – DELTA, Paris
    Wasmália Socorro Bivar – Università Bocconi

    Maria Cristina Trindade Terra – Princeton University
    Marcelo de Moura Estevão Filho – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
    Sonia Villela Olinto – University of Chicago

    Mauro Boianovsky – Cambridge University
    Marcelo Cortes Neri – Princeton University
    Renato Fonseca – University of California, Berkeley
    Sheila Najberg – University of California, San Diego
    Marcelo Rezende de Mendonça e Silva – Oxford University

    Marcelo Savino Portugal – University of Warwick
    Gustavo Mauricio Gonzaga – University of California, Berkeley
    Walter Novaes Filho – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
    Pedro Cavalcanti Gomes Ferreira – University of Pennsylvania
    Alberto Octavio Espejo Ortega – University of California, Berkeley
    Roberto Magno Iglesias – Oxford University

    João Victor Issler – University of California, San Diego
    Cláudio Ribas Visconti – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Márcio Gomes Pinto Garcia – Stanford University
    Patrícia Carlos de Andrade – University of Pennsylvania
    Afonso Sant’Anna Bevilaqua – University of California, Berkeley
    André Gualtiero Urani – DELTA, Paris
    Antonio Carlos Fiorencio Cunha – DELTA, Paris

    Ana Dolores Moura Carneiro Novaes – University of California, Berkeley
    Demósthenes Madureira do Pinho Netto – University of California, Berkeley
    José Gerardo Traslosheros Hernandez – Rutgers University
    Marco Antonio Bonomo – Princeton University
    Maria Bernadette Sarmiento Gutierrez – Cambridge University

    Armínio Fraga Neto – Princeton University
    Pedro Luiz Bodin de Moraes – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
    Marta Pinheiro Castelo Branco – Princeton University
    Elena Landau – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
    Gustavo Henrique Barroso Franco – Harvard University
    Wagner Leal Arienti – University of Essex
    Carlos Winograd – DELTA, Paris