Which products do we offer in Stata?

To ease the access to the IBGE's household surveys, we offer the datazoom_social package in Stata. The package has specific funtions to read data from PNS, Censo Demográfico, PNAD Contínua (annual and quarterly), PNAD, PNAD Covid, PME, ECINF e POF.

Package Installation:

To use the package the user needs to have access to Stata 12 or more recent versions. It's also recquired to have the original IBGE data downloaded. To install the package, the user needs to write the following code in Stata's command window:

net install datazoom_social, from("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/datazoompuc/datazoom_social_stata/master/") force


For a more details about what the package does and about the parameters from each function, visit our page in GitHub.

Tutorials on YouTube:

In our YouTube channel, users can find tutorials about the use of the package.

In this video, we teach how to install the package.

In this other video, the user will learn how to use the package to read data.

Microdata Documentation:

To access the documentation about the microdata available in the datazoom_social package, the user should click here.


To read data from the 2010 Censo, one should download the "microdados_14_municipios_com_areas_redefinidas_20160331" file, available on here and then put it in the same file where the user saved the original data.