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Welcome to Data Zoom!

Data Zoom offers researchers from all over the world tools to access microdata from IBGE's household surveys. Datazoom is designed to support a deeper understanding of Brazil’s socioeconomic issues, simplifying the use of data for policy design, implementation and assessment.

IBGE systematically collects high quality household surveys. However, few researchers are well equipped with the adequate set of algorithms to use them. Data Zoom fills this gap, making available the necessary tools to access the 1970-2010 Census editions, PNADs (since 1981), PMEs (since 1991), POFs (since 1995) and ECINFs (1997, 2003). STATA codes are provided for data reading and to build alternative working datasets.

Data Zoom was developed by the Department of Economics at PUC-Rio with support from FINEP. Access to Data Zoom is free and open. We would appreciate your acknowledgement when accessing DataZoom. As an example, we suggest: "We are thankful to Data Zoom, developed by the Department of Economics at PUC-Rio, for providing the codes for accessing IBGE microdata".

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