Nathalie Gimenes

Foto - Nathalie Gimenes

Ph.D., Queen Mary University of London, Reino Unido, 2014

Empirical Industrial Organization and Econometrics

Nathalie Gimenes has a MSc and a PhD in Economics from Queen Mary University of London, UK, and a BA degree from University of São Paulo, UK. She has been Associate Professor at the Department of Economics from PUC-Rio since 2017, currently been the Head of the Undergraduate Program in Economics. Her main research area is in Econometrics of Auctions with focus on the development of econometrics methodologies to analyse the efficiency of auctions models. Her research papers use techniques in Ecocometrics, especially Quantile Regression. Currently, she is studying procurement auctions conduced by the Federal Government via the Comprasnet platform. Her papers have been published in prestigious international journals, such as Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Econometrics and Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.

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