Masters in Macroeconomics and Finance

Masters in Macroeconomics and Finance

Since 2014, the Department of Economics at PUC-Rio offers a new graduate program in Macroeconomics and Finance. This new graduate program was created to meet the demands of a large number of people interested in furthering their education with a high-level graduate course in Economics, but couldn´t commit to an Academic Master’s Program which requires full-time exclusive dedication.

In order to meet the needs of these students, we designed a part-time program with renowned faculty members who combine research leadership with solid practical experience. Given that it is a new program, initially it will be classed as a lato sensu specialization program. Throughout 2014, we plan to seek accreditation so as to offer a stricto sensu Professional Master’s Program. Students from the lato sensu program can have their credits fully recognized in the professional Master’s when it is offered.

How is it different from the Academic Master’s Program?

The graduate program in Macroeconomics and Finance is different from the Academic Master’s Program in many ways:

1) It is a part-time program, allowing students to pursue their respective professional careers.
2) The faculty is comprised of a combination of full-time professors and professors from other institutions with sound academic backgrounds and leadership in the professional market.
3) During the course, the students are exposed to various case studies in Macroeconomics and Finance. In addition to this, the course offers a hands-on approach, where the practical aspects are key.
4) The thesis reflect the extent to which students dedicate themselves, and whenever possible, they relate to study areas within the realm of the students professional lives.

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