Brazilian Consumer Expenditure Survey (POF)

IBGE's Microdata

Users can access the microdata collected in these household surveys. There are distinct files for household and individual characteristics, possession of durable goods, as well as for each type of expenditure. In order to be able to use the packages, the user must first obtain the microdata related to the round she is interested in. Data Zoom does not provide these data. The microdata and documentation are available to download from IBGE website. For information,

DataZoom offers packages for the three most recent rounds, 1995-96, 2002-03, 2008-09, and 2017-18. Each package is composed of three tools. The first one reads POF microdata files using STATA, generating STATA format files (.dta) without any data manipulation. The second tool generates a “standard” database which contains annualized expenditures per household (or consumer unit, i.e. family, or individual) in all items, where the items are aggregated according to the IBGE document "Tradutores". For the two most recent rounds, in addition to the total amount of expenditure, two variables are generated: one measuring the total of expenditures paid with credit and the other measuring the total of expenditures paid in kind (donations etc.). Finally, the third tool allows the user to create her own consumption basket and obtain its expenditure value. In this case, it is possible to obtain expenditures in a more disaggregated level than those obtained from the standard database.